Emekus Logistics Services.
We strive as much as we can in our company to give you the greatest and best experience you can’t get anywhere.

Services Include:
Delivery Trucks
Supply of Bitumen MC1, S125, COLAS A
Asphalting, Chipping, Dredging Equipments
Bitumen – Bitumen 60 70
Surface Dressing Coat, Tack Coat, Prime Coat
Provision of 24hrs Power Supply
Provision of Heavy Duty Power Generating Equipment
World Class Laboratory

We have 20 fleets of customised trucks at Emekus that deliver hot bitumen, ready to be used on delivery, to road contractors at construction sites all over the country. The innovations introduced by the company have eliminated the need to re-heat bitumen supplied by the company before use, thereby saving time and energy hitherto expended by contractors in re-heating the product before use.

We have a lot of clients who work on-road and other construction activities across Nigeria; not just in the South. We source the highest quality bitumen to ensure excellent durability under extreme weather and traffic conditions, and hence the continued patronage from famous local and multinational construction companies in Nigeria.

We Also Provide Heavy Duty Power Generator & World class Laboratory